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Derrida le Déconstructeur

Derrida le Déconstructeur - Philosophy Shirtproduct type icons: shirt, artwork, mug

Coming in like a wrecking ball, artist LeVendeur's design casts heavy-weight deconstructionist Jacques Derrida as "le Déconstructeur". If you find yourself in the middle of the Venn Diagram of Derrida and Miley Cyrus fans, this shirt is calling for you.

This Derrida le Déconstructeur T-Shirt was designed by LeVendeur.

Michel Foucault T-Shirt

Michel Foucault T-Shirt - Philosophy Shirt

"The main interest in life and work is to become someone else that you were not in the beginning." - Michel Foucault. You could become someone who wears this shirt.

This Michel Foucault T-Shirt T-Shirt was designed by