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We’ve scoured the Internet for the best philosophy-related t-shirts and gifts for yourself, your favorite philosophy grad or professor, including stickers, posters, mugs & more.

Why? Because the unexamined wardrobe is not worth wearing.  Enjoy! Originals

 Grab all of our original philosophy designs below.

Plato, Aristotle & The Ancients

Heard of Platonic solids? Try out these Platonic cottons (and stickers, mugs, posters & more).

Nietzsche Shirts

Here cometh the great noontide of the Übershirt. God may be dead, these fashions will never die.

Nietzsche stickers, mugs, t-shirts, and more.

Modern & Contemporary Philosophy Shirts

Want something fresh? Those dusty ancients have got nothin’ on these young upstarts.